A unique evening in a romantic hotel in Paris Centre, the Royal Opera

To celebrate a great moment together, to offer yourself a surprise evening far from the daily routine, there are only good reasons to want to meet in a romantic hotel in Paris centre. And the Royal Opera is the 3-star address to remember for this.

Romantic hotel in Paris, an obvious choice in the capital of lovers

Paris is a magical city. Its cultural sites, its exhibitions, its architectural masterpieces, its theaters, its banks of the Seine, there are many reasons to go out for two, and only two, in the streets of the capital. So, for a romantic evening, choosing a romantic hotel in Paris centre is a natural choice. The Royal Opera is perfect for that. First of all, its location. Whether you choose the hotel's restaurant, the Madeleine C, or a great restaurant in the capital, it won't be far away since you are in the heart of everything in Paris 8. An evening show, a concert, a day of shopping? From Boulevard Haussmann to the great theaters, everything is close to the 8th arrondissement. This makes the Royal Opera the ideal location for your romantic night in Paris.

Small romantic hotel Paris, lovers meet at the Royal Opéra

The Royal Opera on rue de Castellane has all the makings of a romantic hotel in Paris centre. Its comfortable contemporary rooms offer a cozy nest in which to spend the night. The comfort of the bedding, the charm of the decoration and the assets such as the air-conditioning make you want to spend time with your partner to get together. The restaurant, Madeleine C, is an invitation to a gourmet meal. In a chic and contemporary atmosphere, just like the hotel, you are welcomed at a table that honors French cuisine. Rejuvenated with the spirit of a bistro, it offers a moment where you can meet around a very pleasant menu. The calm but not stuffy atmosphere allows you to enjoy your romantic tête-à-tête. Then, back to the room so comfortable where you will finish enjoying your stay in love in Paris. Selecting a romantic hotel in the center of Paris like the Royal Opera is the ideal opportunity to offer him a dream Parisian weekend.

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