Madeleine C, a restaurant in the Madeleine Opéra district

Tucked away in a quiet little street in the Madeleine district is a restaurant where French cuisine is honored by the talents of the master restaurateur and his love of fresh produce. This nugget is the Madeleine Opéra restaurant le Madeleine C.


Le Madeleine C is perfect for a lunch break or dinner with friends in the Madeleine Opéra district. It is the partner restaurant of the 3-star Royal Opéra hotel, located on the upper floors. Before or after a trip to the theater, to recover from a shopping spree on boulevard Haussmann, to unwind after a day of the capital's most famous landmarks, most of which are in the immediate vicinity of the 8th arrondissement, you have a date with this restaurant in the Madeleine Opéra district. Open every evening of the week and easy to get to, it's an invitation to enjoy the Parisian night after a pleasant break.


Open to all customers, not just those of the Royal Opéra, the Madeleine C invites you to discover a generous cuisine, prepared with fresh produce and the highest standards of homemade dishes and desserts. It's a pleasure to enjoy classics of French cuisine, modernized and celebrated by the talent of the master restaurateur and his brigade.

The bright, calm atmosphere of this restaurant between the Madeleine in the 8th arrondissement and the Opéra in the 9th arrondissement makes it a place that local Parisians know well and frequent assiduously. When you go to Madeleine C, you're putting your trust in people who know how to eat in a neighborhood they know well. You come for the quality and affordability of the food, you come for the large, pleasant, bright and contemporary dining room. And you'll come back for the 100% homemade desserts, absolutely divine. For Royal Opéra guests, this will be their restaurant of choice for the duration of their stay. In fact, you can reserve your table at the same time as you book your room, to ensure you enjoy all the surprises of a chef who regularly updates his menu.

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